Our factory Valhalla in The Faroe Islands was established in 1999.

It is located in Toftír on the North Atlantic coastline. Our factory in Toftír is just 75 meters from the largest fish market in The Faroe Islands, and 30 meters from the quayside where the transport company Fresh Link operate their cargo ships used for export of fresh fish.

Valhalla is buying fish from vessels fishing with line, Danish seine, jig, trawl and net. The products are quality graded and packed according to customers’ requests.

Production manager is in close contact with the fishing vessels that we buy fish from, to make sure that the quality we buy meets our customers’ requirements.

Our main products from The Faroe Island are quality graded fresh whole fish, headless fish, and we also have the possibility to deliver fillets either cut by hand or by machine.

Stable sources of raw materials has, together with our strengths, resulted in Delfi today being the largest exporter of fresh white fish from The Faroe Islands.