Quality is one of the essential parameters that are to be met in order to fulfil the goal of Delfi A/S, to establish and maintain long-term relations with its co-operating partners, with the aim of ensuring a continuous profit for all parties.

The control of food safety is done through hazard evaluation and control planning, based on HACCP principles and traceability at all levels. All products are, from the time of catching until it they leave our factory, checked several times by an independent quality control department. All checks are registered and filed for a long period of time.

Each product from Delfi A/S has an individual quality specification. Products will be rejected if they do not meet the specifications.

Delfi A/S has a close cooperation with the authorities, to keep us up-to-date with the current legislation.

Delfi A/S maintains a high knowledge level through training and education of employees at all levels.

The combination of our quality control, and our program for full traceability makes quality a competitive advantage for Delfi A/S.