Our presence in several purchasing markets naturally means that we are able to serve each individual customer with a consistent supply of fish, even at times when fishing in some areas is poor due to bad weather conditions or other factors.  

Together with our advances on the supply side, where we operate in several markets, we have built a large customer base in all the main markets in Europe.

The advantages of having a large heterogeneous group of customers are very apparent in our buying process. Our buying process both in The Faroe Islands and in Iceland, our competitiveness and accessibility of quality fresh fish depend largely on our ability to buy whole shiploads of fish. Within these shiploads, there are several sizes and qualities of fish, which we later grade according to customer preferences in our own production facilities.

A large customer base, with many different preferences, will thus optimise our buying process and increase Delfi’s accessibility of high quality fresh fish, to the benefit of each individual customer.