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Delfi A/S is located in Taarupgaard in the middle of Denmark at Hjarbæk Fjord. It is a part of Limfjorden which is the longest Danish fjord. Within historical times this fjord was the centre of herring fishing. Further back, before Christianity, Hjarbæk Fjord was a meeting place for Vikings carrying out raids to England, Scotland, and France etc.

Valhalla P/F is the name of our factory in The Faroe Islands. Valhalla, Hall of the Slain, in Norse mythology is the hall presided over by the god over all gods, Odin. It’s here that the valkyries, Odin’s messengers and spirits of war, bring the heroes that died on the battle field.

Today Delfi A/S has no relations to heroes killed on the battlefield, no Viking raids are starting from Taarupgaard and the herring fishing is only of a very small importance. Scandinavia and seafood is however still our starting point and Europe is the place we are focused on.